Capturing a love for photography, Joven Calingo uses a very different medium to express his visions, emotions, opinions, dreams, and at times, odd sense of humor. A photo artist, his goal is to do more than just create an image through the lens. His vision moves him to find the moment, the design, and the light that expresses a desired emotion.

Joven, a self-taught photographer, thinks of the camera as an extension of the subconscious mind. He’s inspired about how photography brings what is not visible to the surface.

His drive is to let go, to explore, to trust – without the need to see reason, or predict and control the outcome.

With a generous knowledge in graphic design, Joven used these skills to further help elevate his art to another level. His exposure to multimedia applications, various events, printing industry, celebrity gatherings and other occasions helped hone his skills and heighten his understanding of the craft. His willingness to learn and his humility and devotion in life has become his driving force to be a better artist–and a better person.